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Embark on your entrepreneurial journey in Abu Dhabi with AE Formations – your go-to expert for seamless business setup in this vibrant Emirate.

Why Abu Dhabi Mainland is the Business License of Choice?

  • Unparalleled Market Access: Directly tap into the thriving Abu Dhabi market.
  • Simplified Ownership: Majority of business activities don’t require a local sponsor.
  • Diverse Legal Structures: From sole proprietorships to LLCs, choose what fits best.
  • Broad Licensing Spectrum: Tailored options that resonate with your business model.
  • Budget-Friendly Setup: Competitive initial licensing rates, starting from AED 12,000, with cost-efficient renewals.

Facilities in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi Mainland offers:

  • Compact Offices: Ideal for startups or businesses needing minimal space.
  • Expansive Manufacturing Units: Perfect for operations with extensive demands.
  • Bare Lands: Customize your workspace right from the ground up.

Licensing & Costs in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Ensuring your business is compliant is paramount. With starting fees from AED 12,000, and more affordable renewals, securing a license in Abu Dhabi’s Mainland has never been more straightforward. Remember, a tenancy agreement linked to your license is a must, and we’re here to guide you through the choices.

Set up Business in Abu Dhabi Mainland with AE Formations

  1. Tailored Consultations: Custom solutions aligned with your business vision.
  2. Document Assistance: Ensuring error-free paperwork submission.
  3. Ongoing Support: Beyond setup, we’re your continuous business partner.
  4. Transparent Costs: Get a clear breakdown tailored to your specific needs.

AE Formations is your partner in success. With our in-depth knowledge and commitment, your business in Abu Dhabi Mainland will easily take off.

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