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Offshore Company Setup in Dubai, UAE | Register a Subsidiary Company in Dubai, UAE

Establish a Branch office in Dubai, UAE

Establish a Branch office in Dubai, UAE

Looking to establish a foothold in the vibrant UAE market? Let AE Formations be your guide. With our bespoke services, setting up branches for both domestic and foreign companies is seamlessly executed.

Understanding Branch Companies:

A branch company is not a separate entity; rather, it’s an extension of your existing business, enabling operations from another location. Unlike standalone entities, a branch mirrors its parent, operating under the established name and brand. One need to register a branch in a jurisdiction for legally expanding its footprint to another region or to serve customers better from the branch.

Comparison: Subsidiary Vs Branch Company in UAE

Here are key distinctions between a branch and a subsidiary or associate company in the UAE:

  1. Legal Identity: Unlike subsidiaries, a branch company doesn’t possess its own legal identity. It functions as an extension of its parent company. Conversely, subsidiaries are distinct legal entities, even if they’re controlled by parent companies.
  2. Liability: The parent company bears all of a branch’s liabilities. In contrast, subsidiaries, especially those formed as LLCs, can differentiate liabilities between themselves and their parent.
  3. Name & Brand: Branches in the UAE operate under the parent company’s name and brand. Subsidiaries and associates might require agreements with the parent or brand owner to use brand identities.
  4. Operational Scope: Branches typically operate within the business scope set by their parent company. Subsidiaries, however, can venture into diverse areas.
  5. Capital Requirements: Branches may not face the stringent capital requirements that other business structures encounter in certain jurisdictions.
  6. Profit Repatriation: Branches generally have simpler procedures for profit repatriation to the parent company. Yet, branches of foreign companies in the UAE are often considered Permanent Establishments, triggering taxation under UAE tax laws.
  7. Tax Implications: Branches might receive different tax treatments. In some situations, they might benefit from their parent company’s home country tax treaties. In contrast, subsidiaries are taxed where they are licensed.
  8. Duration & Continuity: Branches exist as long as their parent company does. Subsidiaries continue even if the parent company dissolves.
  9. Governance and Management: Branch governance and decision-making often align with the parent company’s policies, while subsidiaries can adopt different policies.
  10. Regulatory & Compliance: Branches might face different regulatory and compliance requirements, especially when operating abroad, compared to standalone entities.
  11. Legal Implications: All contracts with a branch effectively bind the parent company, making the parent vulnerable to any claims against the branch. Subsidiaries, however, offer legal protection in this regard.

While branch companies provide the advantage of operating under an established entity’s umbrella, they also inherit the responsibilities and liabilities of representing the parent company in another market or jurisdiction. If the parent plans to transfer operations under a specific region, subsidiaries offer more flexibility.

Why Choose AE Formations for Branch Company Registration in the UAE?

  1. Expertise: Our deep understanding of company law, regulations, and licensing conditions, combined with years of experience in Branch Company Formation, sets us apart.
  2. Quick Turnaround: Recognizing the importance of time, we’ve honed our processes and tools to expedite decision-making, ensuring rapid processing and approval.
  3. Licensed Corporate Service Provider: We’re licensed as a corporate service provider and authorized to represent Clients, complying with UAE’s laws, including Anti-Money Laundering regulations.
  4. Complete Transparency: We keep clients informed throughout, sharing all expenses and our professional fee, and providing all original payment receipts incurred on behalf of clients.
  5. Personalized Approach: Recognizing each business’s unique needs, we offer tailored advice specific to your industry.
  6. End-to-End Assistance: From business case review to securing UAE licenses and approvals, our experts guide you at every step.

Whether you’re a global conglomerate eyeing the UAE’s lucrative market or a local business aspiring for a wider UAE footprint, AE Formations is your trusted partner. Our legacy is defined by number of successful branch setups including branches of UAE companies as well as branes of foreign and multinational companies.

Reach out to us or book a free consultation for aninsightful discussion on the process, timelines and cost of setting up a branch in the UAE.

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