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Technology and Living: Set up Business in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Set up Business in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), under the visionary leadership of the DAFZA, is the centre for technology innovation. A sprawling 6.5 million square meters of cutting-edge infrastructure establishes Dubai as a pivotal hub in the semiconductor realm. With AE Formations by your side, embark on a transformative journey in this dynamic ecosystem.

Why to Set up Your Business in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

  1. Pioneering Initiative: A global collaborative venture designed with the technology sector’s purpose.
  2. Holistic Infrastructure: From developed land for custom builds to ready-built spaces equipped with power, water, telecom, and datacom, DSO offers it all.
  3. One-Stop Solution: Experience a seamless convergence of companies, design innovators, packaging and testing experts, all under one roof.
  4. Innovation Incubation: The Dubai Silicon Incubation Centre (DSIC) fosters the evolution and commercialization of Intellectual Property, birthing top-tier regional tech enterprises.
  5. Focused Tech Park: DSO is home to Dtec, a highly focused and incentivised start-up ecosystem, specially crafted for technology start-ups.
  6. World-Class Campus: Marvel at a meticulously planned layout, offering a conducive environment for creativity and innovation.
  7. Comprehensive Support: Catering to IC companies with a plethora of amenities, ensuring a smooth business trajectory.
  8. Unified Community: A nurturing space for joint projects and shared facilities, fostering collaborative growth.

Forms of Business Licenses in DSO

  • Branch of a Company: Set up as a branch of a Foreign or UAE-based company.
  • Free Zone LLC: Set up as a Free Zone Limited Liability Company with a minimum capital of AED 10,000

Licensing Activities in DSO

DSO offers a range of licensing options. The “Service” licence enables entities to conduct designated services. The “Trade” licence is tailored for those wishing to engage in the import, export, and distribution of specific items and goods. “Industrial” licence of DSO permits businesses that plan to import raw materials, process and manufacture products, assemble, package, and ultimately export their finished goods.

Cost of licensing and operating from DSO

  • For registration, an FZE incurs a one-time fee of 5,000 AED, whereas there’s no fee for branch registration.
  • Licensing costs are consistent across categories, with Manufacturing, Trading, and Service licenses each priced at 12,000 AED per annum.
  • DSO offers a variety of facilities at competitive rates. Offices start from 1,500 AED per sq. m for a space of 50 sq. m, while warehouses are priced at 600 AED per sq. m with a minimum space requirement of 366 sq. m. Land is available for lease at rates ranging from 150 to 250 AED per sq. m, requiring a minimum area of 5,000 sq. m.

Why AE Formations?

  1. End-to-End Assistance: AE Formations provides comprehensive support throughout your business journey in DSO. From selecting the optimal business structure to understanding the intricacies of the DSO ecosystem and planning and obtaining visas, our seasoned experts are by your side, ensuring every decision is informed and strategic.
  2. Simplified Set-Up: With AE Formations, setting up your business becomes a breeze. We’ve refined our procedures to be straightforward and efficient, ensuring a seamless transition for your venture to take flight in DSO without any roadblocks.
  3. Experience and Expertise: Trust in our deep-rooted knowledge and industry-specific insights. With a track record of successful business establishments in DSO, AE Formations brings a wealth of expertise, ensuring your enterprise thrives and prospers.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a gateway to innovation. With AE Formations guiding your journey, you’ll discover the optimal licensing pathways tailored for your venture. Engage with us to explore opportunities of establishing in DSO.

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