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Offshore Company Setup in Dubai, UAE | Register a Subsidiary Company in Dubai, UAE

Setting up business in Abu Dhabi Airport Business City (ADABC):

Setting up business in Abu Dhabi Airport Business City (ADABC):

Global Business License Like No Other

At the heart of the UAE’s commercial landscape, the Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone offers a licensing experience that’s tailored, transparent, and truly transformative. Whether you’re in Aviation, Aerospace, Technology, Logistics, or any other sectors the zone caters to, the licensing framework is designed to foster innovation and drive growth.

Why choose ADABC for your business license? Here’s why:

  • 100% Ownership: Maintain full control of your business with no local sponsor requirements.
  • Tax Benefits: Relish in 100% tax exemption within the designated zone, amplifying your profits.
  • Trade Freedom: Enjoy 100% Import & Export tax exemption within the zone, ensuring your business operates seamlessly.
  • Capital & Profits: With 100% repatriation of both, your earnings are entirely yours.
  • Swift Processes: Experience quicker incorporation times, letting you kickstart your operations in no time.
  • Operational Freedom: Your business, your hours. Companies in ADABC can operate 24/7.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: From executive offices and desks to cutting-edge warehousing units, the free zone offers perfect operational environment. It also enables access to the Cargo Village and Cargo Terminal, for easy logistics.

Forms of Registration at Dubai Science Park

  • Branch of a Company: Set up as a branch of a Foreign or UAE-based company.
  • Free Zone LLC: ADABC offers licenses as a Free Zone Limited Liability Company

Licensing Segments in ADABC

The Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’s Free Zone offers a variety of warehousing and fully-equipped office solutions tailored to diverse industries. This includes sectors like aerospace, aviation, M.R.O., airline services, aircraft chartering, flight support, in-flight catering, logistics, warehousing, cold storage, marketing, events, light manufacturing, technology, trading, consultancy, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, retail, and other aviation-aligned and light industrial businesses that benefit from being near the airport for easy import and export operations.

Indicative Cost of Setting up Business in Abu Dhabi Airport Business City Free Zone

License costs at the Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’s Free Zone vary based on the type. Industrial licenses cost AED 7,500 per year, while both Commercial and Service licenses range between AED 7,500 and 15,000 annually. Additionally, the facility costs fluctuate depending on the specific facility type chosen.

Why AE Formations?

In the bustling hub of Abu Dhabi Airport Business City (ADABC), your business license is more than just a document. It’s your gateway to a world of opportunities, growth, and unparalleled success. Make your mark on the global stage. Secure your business set up in Abu Dhabi Airport Business City (ADABC) today.

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