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Dynamic Upcomer: Set up Your Company in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Set up Your Company in Ajman Free Zone

 Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) stands tall as a symbol of streamlined business licensing and economic growth, embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Strategically positioned at the Arabian Gulf’s entrance, Ajman Free Zone boasts a prime location that seamlessly bridges the East and West markets. With Ajman’s close proximity to both Sharjah and Dubai, businesses benefit from easy access to major international airports and ports, further solidifying its position as a pivotal gateway to over 1.4 billion consumers.

Why Should You Choose Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) for Your Business License?

  • Strategic Connectivity: Ajman Free Zone’s location offers the dual advantage of sea and air connectivity, ensuring businesses can tap into global markets effortlessly.
  • Diverse Business Ecosystem: Catering to over 1500+ companies, Ajman Free Zone is a melting pot of industries and sectors, from manufacturing and distribution to storage services.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Ajman Free Zone promises an economical wage structure, complemented by the elimination of hidden fees and service charges.
  • Flexible Licensing: Tailored licenses to match the specific needs of businesses, whether it’s trading, service, or industrial sectors.
  • Tax Incentives: Amplify your business growth with 0% corporate tax, maximizing profitability.
  • Ease of Set-Up: With hassle-free registration processes and no minimum capital requirements for certain entities, Ajman Free Zone promises a swift start to your business journey.

Forms of Business Entities in Ajman Free Zone

  • Branch of a Company: Integrate your existing Foreign or UAE-based company with Ajman Free Zone’s vast opportunities.
  • Free Zone Entity: Whether as a solo entrepreneur (FZE) or with 2 to 5 shareholders (FZCO), Ajman Free Zone provides flexible avenues to establish your presence.

Licensing Opportunities at Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone offers a plethora of licensing activities, accommodating sectors from trading and services to industrial, ensuring businesses of all natures find their fit.

Indicative Costs of Establishing in Ajman Free Zone:

  • License fees range from an economical AED 3,000 to AED 12,000 annually.
  • Facility options, from shared workspaces to executive offices, are designed to cater to varied business needs, ensuring optimal functionality and growth.

Why Collaborate with AE Formations forAjman Free Zone Business Set up?

  1. Strategic Guidance: AE Formations offers unparalleled insights, ensuring your business in Ajman Free Zone is both sturdy and compliant.
  2. Bespoke Solutions: Recognizing the uniqueness of every business dream, our services are tailored to seamlessly merge your aspirations with Ajman Free Zone’s diverse offerings.
  3. End-to-End Assistance: From license acquisition to comprehensive documentation and strategic consultation, we stand by your side, ensuring easy licensing in the Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman Free Zone is the future of efficient and profitable business setups in the UAE. Engage with AE Formations to unlock the Ajman Free Zone advantage for your business.Schedule a discussion with us to know more about setting up in the Zone.

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